Friday, December 30, 2005

qumana trick

My biggest frustration with Qumana was relative to making my blog links open in new windows (or tabs). I typed the text and then inserted the link using the "link" icon. Then I posted the blog and went to the blogger editor. In addition to it being a two step process, the font(or whatever) was a mess and I couldn't type target= "_blank" . I typed this on a notepad and then had to copy and paste to the blogger editor.

But I just found that when I drag the original link into the Qumana drop content box (not the editor), it will be set to open in a new window. Then I simply type the text I want over the link and it works fine.
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Tris Hussey said...

Rick, I'm glad you found the "trick" with the DropPad. You've made (or rather re-affirmed) a good suggestion for improving Qumana as well. If you have any more questions, just ping me.