Thursday, December 08, 2005

preaching prep

I preach in a few weeks and in preparation I am reminded of Karl Barth’s (not recommended) words, “As theologians, we ought to speak of God. We are, however, human beings and as such cannot speak of God. We ought to recognize both our obligation and our inability – and precisely in that recognition give God the glory. This is our affliction [Bedrängnis]. Everything else is mere child’s play.” Scott Black Johnston builds on that in Theology for Preaching; Authority, Truth and Knowledge of God in a Postmodern Ethos, (also not recommended) by saying, “The preacher’s predicament ... requires that an attitude of humility infuse faithful proclamation. For ultimately, the truth of our preaching is not dependent on our rational ability to uncover and dispense the gospel, but on the promise and activity of God.” I am trying a new approach as I prepare. I am spending less time developing the material and more time asking God to simply show up and manifest His power.

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