Friday, April 18, 2014

what is heaven like

Want to know about heaven? Read the Bible. I'm ready to go.


dle said...

I just have to say this: I'm sort of sick of these kinds of videos. I understand the intent. I don't disagree that these books are bad. I don't even disagree that they should be called out at some point.

BUT, all these national Christian leaders just don't get it. If Christians are driving sales of these books, they're doing so because they're looking for something they're not getting in their churches. They're looking for some reassurance and hope that their church is not giving them.

If anything, evangelicals should be examining what they are doing wrong in the way they deal with their own church attendees. But once again, they don't. They go looking to blame someone else. This gets tiring after a while.

Whatever it is that these churches and church leaders are preaching, it's not reaching people where those people are at. Time to be a little more self-reflective and fix the problem rather than always blaming the people in the seats.

Anonymous said...

DLE - Well said!!!