Tuesday, April 27, 2010

our house v. his house

We can live freely!

“Jesus Christ the Son of God descended into our house of bondage to bring us into the house of God the Father.” - T.F. Torrance.



dle said...

How is it then that so many Christians never make the move into the house they now own by birthright?

rick said...

Dan - I don't know but I can speculate:

1) I'm amazed at Israel after all that God did they still fail to enter the promised land. Perhaps not all that call themselves Christian are. Perhaps they haven't seen the KoG

2) they are getting bad instruction

3) they enter, pop out, re-enter, pop back out, etc. in the on-going effort to put off the old man

Thoughts from your side?

dle said...


A few possible explanations:

1. A lack of models. Seriously, how well do most Christian "leaders" model entering into God's rest?

2. Fear. The Father's house doesn't at all resemble the house we're used to.

3. Bad teaching. Our teachers are not teaching us what it means to move from sinner to saint. They are not fully telling us what the move into the Father's house provides us that we did not have before the move.

4. A denial of the Father's house. Because we are not making the move, we deny that the house exists at all. This gives us a perverse comfort, as it justifies our mistaken beliefs.

5. Our culture wars perpetually against the Father's house. For this reason, we are overloaded with arguments against and too few for.

6. The move asks something of us. Appropriating the rights afforded by our move into the Father's house requires action on our part. It is like the mail. The mailman may deliver the mail, but if we fail to get out of our La-Z-Boys, we will not take hold of it. And when we fail to take hold of it, we mistakenly blame the mailman for not delivering.

7. The Father's house has other people in it. If we do not love our neighbor as ourself, we will not abide sharing the Father's house with anyone else, especially if those people are different from us.

rick said...

Nice add!