Monday, April 19, 2010

the bible on homosexuality

Thanks Melinda for posting this video on The Bible on Homosexuality. I recently interacted with a blog post on Jennifer Knapp's coming out and planned to deconstruct the post and subsequent comments. This video should make a good primer.

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dle said...

I didn't watch the whole video, so perhaps it covers the following argument.

God showed me a few years ago that the best argument against homosexuality, one that cannot be disputed, yet carries its truths in the overall picture of Scripture, is the argument from barrenness.

In the Bible, barrenness is always a curse. It is so because it is antithetical to the nature of God, who is a Creator. God's character is to be fruitful.

Heterosexuality, by its nature, is fruitful. It reflects the creative nature of God. Life comes from heterosexual unions.

Homosexuality, on the other hand, is always barren. It cannot produce life. In fact, it prevents life. For this reason, it is an aberration and abhorrent to God, because it violates His nature and character. It only reflects the curse and never the promise.

I rarely hear this argument used by Christians, but it is indisputable. It is also one of the few arguments to explains WHY God opposes homosexuality. Foes will point out the some heterosexual couples are infertile or that science may make it possible for homosexual couples to have children that reflect their genetic makeup, but these are not created order issues and can be easily argued against.

rick said...

yet another good argument ... thanks Dan ...