Saturday, February 13, 2010

oh my EC god

Mike Wittmer continues his excellent review of A New Kind of Christianity. Here he wrestles with McLaren's, "Is God violent?" We quickly see one of the fundamental problems of the liberal is they simply do not accept the God of the Bible and work overtime to fit Him into their image. McLaren even writes that he needs a way to deal with “violent images, cruel images, [and] un-Christlike images” of God found in the Bible. Wittmer reports that McLaren openly struggles with the story of Noah writing, "a god who mandates an intentional supernatural disaster leading to unparalleled genocide is hardly worthy of belief, much less worship. How can you ask your children—or nonchurch colleagues and neighbors—to honor a deity so uncreative, overreactive, and utterly capricious regarding life?”

McLaren (along with the likes of Pete Rollins) see the Bible as our human projection of God rather than God's revelation of Himself to us. Given that, I'm not sure how he continues to call Scripture God's inspired Word. Bottom line, the Emergent/Emerging Church/Conversation/Village has left what little Christian mooring it had and has sailed far from the intent of its early thinkers into the sea of heresy.

Some write of of the EC's demise and they are correct because they speak of what was good in it. Others continue to propagate how the EC is wonderfully maturing, moving on, whatever and they are also right - because they are speaking of liberal heresy that has always existed and will continue to do so until Christ's glorious return.

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The Journeyman said...

Brian McLaran doesn't seem to like the God of the Bible very much.