Monday, February 22, 2010


From Frank Viola ... Colossians 1:5-6 ...

If you are a Christian, it’s in your spiritual DNA to hunger for more of Jesus Christ. That hunger can be choked by other pursuits. Even religious pursuits. But that hunger is present. It just needs to be watered a little. Reading a book that reveals Christ . . . or hearing a message where the riches of Christ and the deep things of God are unveiled . . . causes that hunger to be watered and even awakened. It is that very hunger that causes many to seek the experience of the Body of Christ. At bottom, a longing for body life is really a hunger for more of the Lord.

In my observation and experience, if a ministry is not utterly centered upon and revealing Christ in ever-greater depths, it will eventually wear out in your life. The Lord Jesus Christ is the only thing that never wears out. Everything else grows thin eventually . . . and that includes the 1001 religious and spiritual things that Christians chase after today.

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