Wednesday, January 30, 2008

who am i?

Now I don't know what to think of myself. I always thought of my friend Randy No-Blog as an enigma. In fact, years ago I documented the following about him ...

On the enigma we know as Randy No-Blog

Things you would expect him to say
  • (When talking fashion) “It doesn’t have to be vertical stripes, just a regular pattern - like solid.”
  • “I don’t agree with everything he says but…”
  • “Good news Rick, you’ve just been upgraded from a cult to simply misguided.”
  • “If it were up to me, we wouldn’t celebrate any holidays!”
  • (When talking music in church) “Drums, two guitars, keyboard, and a flute - it’s gettin’ scary.”
  • “I don’t normally do this, but in this case, I’ll make a generalization….”
  • (When talking printers) “Nope, I don’t do color.”
  • “Nope - don’t like cards….don’t send ‘em, don’t want ‘em.”
  • “Nope - don’t dance….never have, never will…can’t make me.”
  • “As a matter of fact, in my opinion….”
  • “Golf courses and grave yards - don’t like ‘em, poor use of land.”
  • “Ninety percent of the people that teach error are sincere in their error.”
  • “People can have emotions, they just shouldn’t base anything on them.”
  • When asked to read an opening scripture at a wedding, his first choice is “Jesus wept” - because it’s short.
  • “Palm pilots? Nope, don’t own one, don’t need one…have my mind don’t I?”
  • “I normally don’t like fluffy things.”
Things you would not expect him say
  • “It’s not a lie, it’s just not the truth.”
  • “They’re just too legalistic for me.”
  • “You can’t expect them to teach only the facts.”
  • “Well, it’s not that serious of a crime.”
  • “That’s not Biblical, it’s Old Testament.”
  • “I only own one movie…Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation…it’s a classic.”
  • On March 7th in the year of our Lord 1999, Randy No-Blog handled a snake at Church. In that same service, he openly displayed emotion.
  • (While discussing Biblical interpretation) “well it only means that in English”.
  • “Hey - the Scriptures are additive.”
  • On March 30th in the year of our Lord 1999, Randy No-Blog sent an e-mail containing a grammatical error.
  • When questioned about said error (above), Randy replied, “Hey, it was the computer’s fault.”
  • “Rick, I want to get your opinion.”
  • “I have to admit I was wrong on that.”
  • “I’d have to say I agree with him on that.”
  • “Yeah, I owned a ’68 Mustang - British racing green, 390 cc - when you started it you could feel the ground shake!”
  • “The Simpsons was good this week.”
I thought it was just him. But a few months ago I posted Just The Black Notes which has taken my blog hits from 1-2000 per month to just at 60000 this month. In that post some dear lady commented after making a positive comment about the video:

What drew me was your photo which did not match the video content. Not that I'm judging you, but...big cigar...lots of facial hair...not what I expected at all.

I thought hmmm, am I that odd? Then Rick Henry Frueh wrote today:

You happen to be the most intriging/confusing/incongruous theological mongrel of them all. A emergent leaning, charismatic, Calvinist.

Perhaps Randy is not the only enigma and perhaps that is not as bad of a thing as I thought ...

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