Monday, January 28, 2008

response to piper re: muslims and christians

I love John Piper's thoughts regarding the response from Christians to A Common Word. What a love more is his spirit through conflict. Desiring God blog just posted a "rebuttal" to Piper by Rick Love, one of the 300 cosigners of the Christian response.

Love makes a well reasoned and loving reply to key points made by Piper. After hearing him I have to say he also makes some sense.

But get this, look at the way this dialog takes place. It is an example of true humility while standing firm for what is represented. I do not see compromise - I see respect and dignity and I believe God is honored. This kind of exchange is a testimony of God's grace and it witnesses to the world that His plan works.

This stands in stark contrast to so many other blogs and books I have read. This approach encourages dialog, understanding, and hopefully results in change. The more common approach typically results in sin on both sides. That is why I have been so adamant that those involved in this latter type of exchange are deceived by Satan. Even if they are correct in the facts, they are in error in the spirit.

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Dani said...

I agree. This approach is usually more productive... and Biblical!