Wednesday, March 12, 2014

the dilemma

Doug Wilson writes:
Our baptist brothers see the problem, and (in my view) want to uproot the tares before it is time. They wind up damaging the wheat. The sacramentalists, I believe, are too careless about letting everything grow together, until eventually, like the Episcopal Church, they think that morning glory is wheat. And why shouldn’t we ordain this morning glory as a bishop? His relationship with the ragweed is a mutually affirming and caring relationship (Against the Church, p. 35).
The practical addressing of error is real and desperately needs to be discussed - within the confines of the Church. By definition of Church, we must be of one Spirit. Too many (myself included) are trying to resolve this via Facebook and the like. We err to either extreme described by Wilson and others seeing that, choose to not deal with it - also not ok. Church, please, sit down together and wrestle with the Word.

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