Sunday, November 24, 2013


William Temple Fellowship with God:

The act of God which He wrought at the Incarnation did not end with the Ascension; the Coming of the Spirit in the fulness of His power was and is an integral part of it. If you sever Jesus of Nazareth from the Church and His work through His Spirit in the Church, you make the claim that He is divine a fabulous myth and the doctrine of Atonement both immoral and grotesque.

The Gospel can only be the means of reconciling and uniting us to God the Father, if the Son is God and the Holy Ghost is God. Omit any part of the Christian conception of God, and the rest at once becomes irrational and futile. The doctrine of the Blessed Trinity is not a piece of mystery-mongering for the creation of awe in bewildered minds; it is the brief summary statement of Christian people’s experience of God.

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