Tuesday, November 19, 2013


The error continues to flow unabated from the John MacArthur and Co. camp. Today Dan Phillips tries to dress up the evil behind the error but fails miserably. We should however heed the last part off Phillips' words, i.e., "cling to God's Word, we must preach that Word... and so, only, can we avoid stoking (or roasting in) Strange Fire" for this is what I contend is the sad direction MacArthur and company are headed. They have embraced a dead idol and need to return to the God of Glory.

Their arrogance has reached new heights and I'm afraid judgement is not far behind. Here is John MacArthur:
I do believe there are sincere people within the Charismatic Movement who, in spite of the systemic corruption and confusion, have come to under- stand the necessary truths of the gospel. They embrace substitutionary atonement, the true nature of Christ, the trinitarian nature of God, biblical repentance, and the unique authority of the Bible. They recognize that salvation is not about health and wealth, and they genuinely desire to be rescued from sin, spiritual death, and everlasting hell. Yet, they remain confused about the ministry of the Holy Spirit and the nature of spiritual giftedness. 
As a result, they are playing with strange fire. By continually exposing themselves to the false teaching and counterfeit spirituality of the Charismatic Movement, they have placed themselves (and anyone under their spiritual care) in eternal jeopardy. For true believers, the Charismatic Movement represents a massive stumbling block to true spiritual growth, ministry, and usefulness. Its errant teachings regarding the Holy Spirit and the Spirit-inspired Scriptures perpetuate immaturity, spiritual weakness, and an unending struggle with sin. A parallel exists between those Christians who are trapped in the modern Charismatic Movement and the true believers who were part of the Corinthian church in the first century.

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