Saturday, January 14, 2012


Since everyone else is doing it, so shall I...

There's a video from Jefferson Bethke (based on his poem) that has gone viral. It has a lot of good in it ... but I didn't like it.

Jared Wilson and Kevin DeYoung have written excellent posts on what is good and what is not good ... or more precisely, what is not true and perhaps misleading.

I'll not repeat these. I'll only say read the posts and ask yourself, have you joined the I hate religion/the church bandwagon or do you love the Bride of Christ? Do you propagate the notion that all religion is the same or speak-out against false-religion (of all forms - not just false christian religion) and pronounce the truth of the Gospel into those gaps? Do you contribute to the idea that religion is inherently bad or do you teach as Christ that true religion is good and that we are to love and obey Him and His commands - implying that we must learn and understand these?

Anyway, enough said, read Wilson and DeYoung ...

Oh, and this is not a new thing, we also struggled with keeping the differentiation clear when we were young.

Update: DeYoung and Bethke exchange emails. Bethke impresses me.

Update 2:


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