Saturday, August 21, 2010

thinking about hard views

When I first read Dan Phillips' post it bothered me and when I copied it and posted it a couple of days ago it bothered me - yet I fully agreed with not only all that Phillips wrote but in particular with his conclusion. They are important so I will restate them, if we do not keep ourselves mindful of the truths Philips outlined we will be led off into the wrong path and we will not be useful to those who desperately need Christ.

What did I like about what he said? Well aside from the conclusions above, there are too many calling themselves Christians who deny these truths and worse, seem proud that they do so. These are wrong. So why does what he wrote bother me. It is clearly not because what he wrote is wrong. I think it is because not all of Scripture is written to everyone. Much of Scripture is to the believer, some is to non-believers, and some is to both. These truths that Phillips extracts from the whole of Scripture is I think for the believer and warning to those that cannot accept these. These truths extracted and isolated as they have been are not what I think is for the unbeliever.

So I say all this to say too many of us react as if we are in the shoes of the unbeliever. What he wrote is necessary for us. It should not be rejected. Yet be careful, it is not God's written communication to the unbeliever. It should not be hidden but it needs to be presented in the presence, power, grace, etc. of the Holy Spirit.

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