Sunday, August 15, 2010

heads-up to prideful calvinists

Dustin Neeley wrote a great piece entitled Justification by Theology. In it he reminds us that Satan can deceive us by helping us fall more in love with our theological systems than with our Savior. For us Calvinists, here are some warning signs, the root cause of which is not new at all, it's pride.
  • If there is a disagreement, we defend Calvinism before we seek unity in the Gospel.
  • When asked to describe our theology, we define ourselves as a Calvinist more quickly than as a Christian.
  • And perhaps the worst of all...when our hearts are more captivated by the points of TULIP than with the person and work of Jesus.
Why do we fall for it? Many reasons but the cure is the same:
  • Repent of theological idolatry
  • Believe the gospel is enough
  • Be on guard in the future (1 Cor 8.1 and therefore engage the humility of Christ in Philippians 2)

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