Saturday, December 27, 2008

joy over satan

Mark Driscoll provides these four practical steps to continue walking in joy over Satan and demons. It's not about a formula but the steps are worth heeding.

  • Jesus is your shield. The psalms often speak of God as our shield; remaining under Jesus Christ is your only place of safety. Therefore, the key is to walk continually and closely with Jesus, and if you should stray from under his shield to return quickly in repentance.
  • Continue in fellowship with faithful Christians who love Jesus and who will speak with you as hones friends. You will be a blessing to them as you share the things that Jesus has taught you, and they will be a blessing to you by speaking loving truth into your life and praying for you. It is no coincidence that Jesus was most tempted by Satan when he was alone. If you become isolated from God's people, you are leaving yourself open to spiritual attack. Therefore, remain actively involved in Bible-based, lovingly honest, accountable relationships, because it is indeed not good to be alone.
  • Do note be unduly fearful of Satan or demons. Satan is called a serpent, and demons are like snakes. They are dangerous only if you pick one up or provoke one to bite. Jesus' perfect love and kingdom victory on the cross are sufficient for you to overcome excessive fear of Satan and demons.
  • Pray offensively for protection and wisdom before the demonic attacks come. Too often, Christians pray defensively only when trouble comes. Reference; Psa 18; 27; 31; 35; 83; Mt 4.4-10.

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