Monday, December 15, 2008

the end of the age

The harvest of wheat will be the end of the age (Mt 13.39-40, 49-50). Premillennialists argue that this judgment occurs at the end of the millennial age. As I understand it this would require two resurrections separated by a one-thousand-year period. But Mt 25.31-32; cf. Mt 13.40-43 interpreted literally indicate that judgement occurs at the time of our Lord's return. As I read it, the resurrection (1 Co 15.35-57; 1 Thess 4.13-5.11; 2 Thess 1.5-10), the restoration of all things (2 Pet 3.3-15), and the judgment occur at the same time (chart here).

Add to that resurrection of the just (Rev 20.4-5 with Jn 5.24-25) and the unjust (Dan 12.2; Jn 5.29; Acts 24.15; and Rev 20.12).

All of this will be in the future (2 Thess 2.2) and sudden (1 Thess 5.2). Here our sinful nature will be destroyed (1 Cor 5.5) and all will be made new (Ro 8.21; 2 Pet 3.10) at that last trumpet (1 Cor 15.52).

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