Tuesday, July 15, 2014

comic poets in the church

The church today, as one would expect, still wrestles with heresies and error from within. There is nothing new under the sun.

From James R. Payton Jr.'s Irenaeus on the Christian Faith:

Not only are they guilty of plagiarism, since they bring forward the ideas found among the comic poets as if they themselves had dreamed them up; they also jumble together the things which have been said by all those who were ignorant of God and who are termed philosophers. Sewing together, as it were, a motley garment lout of a pile of miserable rags, the heretics, by their subtle manner of expression, have furnished themselves with a cloak which, again, is really not their own. It is true that they introduce a new kind of doctrine, which they try to substitute for the old; however, in reality it is both old and threadbare, since these opinions have been sewed together out of ancient teaching which reek of ignorance and irreligion ...

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