Tuesday, May 20, 2014

kingdom theology matters

Here's a great little teaser posted by Luke Geraty on why Kingdom theology matters:
Here are a couple great explanations of the Kingdom of God and its accompanying theology:

“The [kingdom of God] is the abstract or dynamic idea of reign, rule, or dominion…” – George Eldon Ladd 
“… the kingdom of God is the central theological motif that gives definition to all that we believe.” – Phil Strout 
“… the Vineyard is a movement distinctively centered in a renewed understanding of the centrality of the kingdom of God in biblical thought… [we understand] the kingdom of God as the overarching and integrating theme of the Bible.” – Vineyard Core Values 
So a basic summary of Kingdom Theology might be:
  • Inaugurated, not consummated.
  • Both now and not yet.
  • The kingdom has come, comes, and is coming (breaking in).
  • The reign and rule of God (cf. Matt. 6:10).
But why does kingdom theology matter? Why is having a solid kingdom of God framework vitally important? Here are four simple answers to that question:
  1. Kingdom theology is the same message that Jesus and the apostles preached (Matt. 3:2; 4:17; Acts 8:12; 14:22; 20:25; 28:23-31).
  2. Kingdom theology centers our theology and praxis on King Jesus and his kingdom versus our own kingdom (Matt. 26:39; Col. 13).
  3. Kingdom theology is the only way to explain why miracles happen and why we continue to pray for God to break in, for heaven to come to earth. (Matt. 12:28).
  4. Kingdom theology is the only way to somewhat explain why miracles don’t happen and why everyone isn’t healed (Rev. 21:4).
Those are four quick ways in which I think kingdom theology matters.

Please drop by Luke's place and tell him "What would you add?"

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