Wednesday, October 16, 2013

cessationists jump the shark

As many know, John MacArthur's Strange Fire conference starts today. Sadly many of my friends will attend/listen/watch and think the teaching correct. Michael Patton, in his most recent post, writes as a non-charismatic who wants to be charismatic. In it he suggest MacArthur has lost his voice. I wish that were true. MacArthur and his ilk are false teachers who are in error (albeit opposite) error of those they accuse. Patton rightly states something I have often said, that is, blaspheme is attributing to God the work of Satan and vice-versa. This is exactly what MacArthur is doing - and many are parroting him.

I appreciated Adrian Warnock's post today. In it he notes 1 Sam 18-19 as debunking one of the common arguments against prophecy, i.e., all prophecy must be inerrant, authoritative, and incorporated into Scripture. Here's an excerpt:
The claim is that we are inconsistent as charismatics if we don’t staple modern prophecies into the back of our Bibles. This passage alone disproves that assertion. 
First let me set the scene for an extraordinary event. We see David’s popularity and success increasing, because as we explored yesterday, The Lord was with him. 
Meanwhile Saul, in what at first appears to be an attempt at “keeping your enemies closer” is intent on marrying one of his Daughters to David. David’s simple humility is seen in not seeking greatness for himself. But Saul has another agenda: providing a way for the Philistines to kill David. Whether he was aware of these plots or not, David simply obeys the requests of the king without similarly scheming. There is also a tender love story woven in which culminated in David’s wife risking her own life to save him from her father. 
But the events in question surround Saul’s comical attempts to capture David. He sends three groups of soldiers and then finally himself. Each time the Spirit of God falls on those sent to capture David and they prophecy. This is far from the only time in the Bible that prophecies are not recorded and inscripturated. 
In Acts 2 Joel’s promise is repeated that in the last days the Spirit would be poured out on “all flesh” and as a result large numbers would prophesy. These words are not in the Bible, to say nothing of the odd state of affairs where if this passage was only fulfilled in NT times, we would be living in days after the last days!
As for me, Holy Spirit Come!

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