Thursday, February 16, 2012

mainstreaming homosexuality

Once again I completely agree with Mr. Wittmer; let us be on-guard.

Last night I witnessed another significant step in our culture’s embrace of homosexual practice. You can tell a minority group has achieved cultural power when it unapologetically ridicules another minority group. And last night the homosexuals of Modern Family took aim at Appalachians, apparently the one remaining group that even enlightened liberals enjoy mocking.

In case you haven’t heard of America’s favorite sitcom, Modern Family is a well-written story about three inter-connected families, one of whom is a union of two homosexual men. Last night the men wanted to have another child, and rather than adopt this time, they considered artificially inseminating the egg of one guy’s sister with the other guy’s sperm. After the wine wore off they concluded that having a child whose aunt is also its mom seems like a “freak show” only found in “Appalachia.”

And there it is. Homosexual practice is so well established that now gay characters are free to make fun of others. And I’m betting that most viewers didn’t even catch this. Modern Family has slowly accustomed its viewers to accept the homosexual lifestyle. The first season the men rarely touched or showed affection, but now they kiss and behave like a normal married couple.

Most viewers probably accept that they have a bona fide marriage, in part because Modern Family wisely never shows them in the act of marriage. Last month Newsweek ran a column asking why you never see homosexual acts in movies. Unlike heterosexual acts, which are often pornographically displayed on screen, homosexual acts always happen off camera and are only implied in the story. The reason, as the homosexual creators of Will and Grace concede, is that audiences would be grossed out and turned off by the homosexual agenda. As long as people don’t think about what homosexuals actually do, they will gladly accept their right to be married.

The strategy is working, for homosexual practice has apparently finally and irretrievably arrived. Just ask the picked-on people of Appalachia.

There's an agenda here and it isn't good.

And in Barbara Walter's interview ... well see for yourself ... stick with it through the end ...

And for those that think I'm biased against this particular sin, there are many other things in the show to also be concerned about.

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