Monday, March 21, 2011

sexual orientation

Wbl JwhiteDr. James Emery White recently posted A Gay Awakening?. What I love about his post is that after listing all the reasons many have thought it wise to jettison the Biblical position regarding the sinfulness of homosexuality, White then proffers an excellent list on what our orientation toward homosexuality should be ... most of which could be directly reapplied toward any sin/sinner.
  • Homosexuals, repentant or otherwise, must be loved.
  • Those desiring to be faithful to biblical teachings in this area must be met with support and, when they fail, with the same level of grace we would extend to anyone else.
  • There should be no impediment to full service and position for those with a homosexual orientation who remain faithful to personal celibacy and biblical orthodoxy.
  • Though much that goes under the banner of "anti-discrimination" does, in effect, promote homosexuality and create a specially-protected class (which I do not affirm), Christians should work toward a society that does not persecute practicing homosexuals, and Christians should denounce anyone who uses hate-filled speech.
  • Christians should not work for homosexuality to be criminalized, and should vigorously support the full prosecution of crimes against homosexuals.
  • We need a new tone and emphasis that focuses on the homosexual lifestyle as we would any other lifestyle that needs to have its deepest needs intersected by Christ. If one believes that the homosexual lifestyle is broken sexually, it must be affirmed that it is no more broken than the adulterer or the person addicted to pornography.
  • We must put forward a winsome and compelling vision for life in Christ that includes our sexuality; a vision that invites all who are sexually confused and seeking God to come and drink of the living water that Jesus promises to us all (John 4).
He adds, "All to say, the followers of Christ must not be homophobic; they must not hate homosexuals; they must not give in to anger or irrational fear. The followers of Christ must not caricature or demonize anyone. ... Those that have succumbed to such things must repent and ask for forgiveness. So while I pray for an awakening among those who embrace the homosexual lifestyle, I also pray for an awakening among those of us who condemn it."

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