Thursday, January 27, 2011

seed planting

John Wimber once said, "Proclamation of a faulty gospel will produce faulty at best, weak Christians. All too often, instead of a call to the Lordship of Christ and His Kingdom, people hear a Gospel that emphasizes more about self: Come to Jesus & get this or that. This is not the costly Kingdom that Jesus proclaims, "If you want to save your life, you first must lose it."

My friend Barry Middleton added to that with the following words of wisdom.
You can plant a seed to grow a tree, once the tree grows, you can cut off its limbs, its branches, and it will still be a strong tree.

If you plant a seed that has been broken, cracked, or is deformed in any way, the tree that comes forth with be a complete deformity and will not have a strong root system..

Most of the so called gospel that is being preached (sewn) today, is deformed ... thus the problems in the church.

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