Saturday, July 17, 2010

alice in wonderland effect

This, from The Guardian, is excellent ...

There's an Alice in Wonderland effect on the internet, where a person taken out of his or her context can take on epic proportions in an unfamiliar landscape, usually not in a good way. When physical space is collapsed, people can find themselves a long way from home.

The main point is Morrissey's: the devil will find work for idle hands. There's nothing idler than people on the internet, wanting nothing in particular, just wanting to be nearer the centre of things.

I'm too often guilty ...

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1 comment:

dle said...

Amen! Humility has a way of falling by the wayside the second we go online. The idle hands reality of the Web destroys people, too. The Internet is a great tool for good, but like many good things, it suffers greatly from evil lurking around every URL corner.