Wednesday, June 03, 2009

why i'm concerned

The past few days I've posted quite a bit regarding the authority of Scripture and I will probably post a little more on that. I didn't do these posts as some ultimate goal. In fact, I'm a "the Bible is the menu not the meal" kind of guy (see here, here, here, here, here, and likely more). I did it because the emergent trend (not rule) is to claim high regard for Scripture and yet make statements and draw conclusions contrary to that. Frankly, I think Michael Patton hit the nail on the head in noting that many emergents lack notitia and assensus.

One such emergent just quoted Morpheus (The Matrix), "There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path." That's excellent in it's intent. This is a repeat of the menu v. meal concept and I have no issue with folks rediscovering this truth while thinking it's new. I did the same when I was young. My only issue is that these young people, just as I did at that stage in my life, have developed their own arrogance as they confront the arrogance of the generation before them. That's unfortunate ... worse, it's sinful.

This may seem to much adieu about nothing and if the above were the only example, I'd agree. But here's another quote from the same mind, "if someone discovered the Bible was not perfect, would it change your faith?" Most answered "no". Somehow they are able to have "faith" in a god whose inspired communication to us is not perfect. As I'm trying to express in various posts, this fails logic and is contrary to God's nature. Here are the thoughts generated among the emergent gang interacting with the initial quote:
  • some implied that Scripture has already been discovered to be imperfect
  • God is perfect but not the Bible
  • knowing the Bible is perfect or not does not diminish its value nor faith in it
  • relying on the concepts of infallibility/inerrancy is less than faith without that dependancy
  • inerrancy is not "Biblical", moreover it is a "silly modern" concept and part of a lot of other "crap"
ganz schade ...

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