Thursday, May 07, 2009

right v. wrong

David Rudd lists some good questions we might ask in determining if something is right or wrong.
  • What is commanded by God?
  • What is expected by God?
  • What does God say is necessary?
  • What is forbidden by God?
  • What is loving?
  • What is wise?
  • What will support my mission (and God's)?
  • What is beneficial?
  • What is profitable?
Unrelated to this, Tim Challies recently posted some criticism toward "blogs that specialize in sharing bad news. They share stories and videos and anecdotes about Christians and churches and supposed Christians and supposed churches. Day after day they offer examples of all that is wrong in the church. They may vary what they offer a little bit, but what is true of them is that they offer a steady diet of negative content related to the church in general or perhaps related to just one person or one ministry."

I agreed with his point. Many did not. Interestingly I could see, whether intentional or not, that Challies applied thoughts similar to those articulated by Rudd to his post. To me, those that disagreed with him (as well as those he was critiquing) did not.

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David Rudd said...

i thought for a minute there you were going to list me as a watchblog...