Monday, September 25, 2006

prayer discussion

The Pyromaniacs are trying to teach that prayer is not a two-way street between us and God.

A friend asked me to comment and I had to say I disagree. I understand that the Pyro guys may be trying to address some error but not only do I not see the Pyro position as in-line with the Biblical model, it also doesn't make sense to me. If I am not hearing from God before, during and after prayer, I'm not quite sure why I bother to live.

And while I continue to try to read Pyromaniacs because of their high value of the Word of God, I find that it is not uncommon for them make statements that are either wrong or true but caustic.

Ilona, at truegrit, has jumped into the fray here and here to try to address this prayer issue - to wit she earned the wrath of the pyro gods.

God bless her!

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ilona said...

Thank you Rick for the blessing- and for the link as well:) You are an encouragement and I appreciate it.

Randy B. said...

You and I have discussed this topic before. It's a puzzling subject for me. For those who say that God speaks to them, exactly how does that take place? Does God talk audibly? If so, what language does He use, and if it's English, is it with an accent? I heard a woman "preacher" on our favorite Charismatic TV network a few days ago making statements like, "God just told me that someone out there has cancer that has just been healed." and other such statements. How exactly does this happen? Most people claim that God speaks to them in "impressions" or "signs". How do they know it's God and not Satan? I'll admit that God has never spoken to me audibly. I have received some strong impressions in the past that felt like God speaking, but I can't be sure. It seems "safer" to me to depend on His revealed Word than on impressions that I get or that someone else gets for me claiming "a word from the Lord".
Randy B.

rick said...

Randy - as always, I like how you think even when I do not agree with your conclusions ;- )

The bumper sticker answer of course is, "my sheep know my voice" ... there's little chance that I could answer in a more satisfactory way via blog/email.

In the end, we both know that while the written word is "objective", it also has been misunderstood and misused just as the "subjective" hearing might be.

In Biblical history, it was not a "good" thing when God was silent. While canon is closed, I do not think history nor God's interjection in history is closed.

So Scripture becomes the plumb line while God continues to speak in "divers" (I love that word) ways.